What to Expect for an Exterior Project

What should I expect the process to look like for having the exterior of my home painted? Our office staff and crews follow written procedures to ensure your project is completed efficiently and meets our high quality standards. The following provides an outline of the complete process, starting with your approval of the proposal.


Coordinate estimated start date

After your proposal is signed, our office will contact you providing an estimated start date.

Provide updates on start date

If that start date is more than a few weeks away, we’ll contact you about two weeks before to provide an updated start date.

Coordinate start date and time

The production manager will contact you a few days before the project start to coordinate on the date and time for a kickoff meeting

Project Kickoff

Project kickoff meeting

At the kickoff meeting you will be introduced to the crew lead. The production manager will confirm the work scope with you, including the colors and sheens being applied to each surface as well as any repairs, while the crew is setting up. They will also coordinate with you on project logistics including storage locations for ladders, parking, pets, working hours, anticipated finish date, etc.

Review customer and Athena Painting Services responsibilities

The production manager will go through both your and our responsibilities for the project.

Prejob walkthrough

Work scope review

The production manager will perform a walk-through of the job with you. The walkthrough will identify the specific repairs noted during the during the estimate and included in the proposal.

Additional repairs/change order

During this time you can identify any other repairs that you want performed (e.g., for cosmetic reasons). The crew lead and production manager will look too and see if there are any others repairs needed. This would also be the time to let the production manager know if there are any other additions to the work scope (for example, staining a deck) so we can do our best to accommodate the request.

Document existing problems

During the walkthrough we’ll also identify and document any existing problems that will not be rectified by the project including existing paint overspray (on windows, light fixtures, foundations, etc.), significant paint drips and runs, broken or damaged lights, fixtures, downspouts, etc. For interior projects examples would include existing paint on carpets, floors, and surfaces that are not scheduled to be painted as part of the work scope as well as significant drips and runs on trim, doors, etc.

Collect project kickoff payment

Following the walkthrough, the production manager will collect the project kickoff payment (if applicable).

Repairs & Painting

Carpentry and repairs

Repairing damaged trim and siding in accordance with the work scope.

Site setup

Moving furniture and setting up the jobsite to ensure efficient completion of the project


Protecting windows, roofs, light fixtures, and other items to avoid damage


Power washing, sanding, scraping, and caulking to maximize the beauty and longevity of your new paint job


Application of the ideal product with the optimal methods and the appropriate number of coats for your specific home

Clean Up

Perform clean-up of the job site including removal of tape, plastic, wood and siding debris, and other trash.


Daily updates

The production manager will provide daily updates based on site visits and discussion with the crew lead. These updates will be communicated to you via text, call, or email to keep you apprised of the project status. If additional repairs are necessary that require a change order, the production manager will work with you to get it written up and approved.

Intermediate / Milestone payments

If the project size necessitates an intermediate payment at the 50% completion mark, the production manager will collect that during their site visit.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control of repairs

The production manager will inspect any repairs performed prior to painting to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control of painting

The production manager will perform on-going QA/QC checks of the painting to minimize touchups at the end of the project.


Coordinate on closeout

The day prior to the substantial completion date, the production manager will coordinate with you on a time for the final walkthrough. The office will also provide a final invoice for the project at this time.

Internal walkthrough

Just prior to the substantial completion walkthrough the production manager will perform a walkthrough with the crew lead and identify necessary touchups.

Client substantial completion walkthrough

You and the production manager will perform a walkthrough to identify any additional touchups or other items that you see which need to be addressed. This will be done using the Triple Checklist. Any touchups or other items which cannot be addressed that day will be added to the punch-list prior to signing of the checklist.

Project closeout payment

If all items from the walkthrough have been addressed, payment for the balance of the project will be collected. If there are punchlist items which will be addressed later, the balance minus the punch list approval payment, will be collected.

Punchlist completion, final walkthrough, and punchlist approval payment

If there are punchlist items outstanding, the production manager will coordinate a mutually agreeable time for these items to be completed. You must be available at the completion of the punchlist to confirm outstanding items have been addressed and the project is complete. Payment for the punch list approval will be collected at that point.


Warranty period begins

Upon final project approval the two year warranty will commence.

Kickback and enjoy the good-as-new exterior on your home!